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doctor-imagepartnerimgEast Bentleigh Health Group

Natural Chiropractic Care in East Bentleigh

Our East Bentleigh chiropractor, Dr Anthony Papaleo wants you to know that you’re in charge when you come to see us at East Bentleigh Health Group. For over 20 years we have offered health care tailored to your specific needs. You’re the boss! It’s your body, your health and your future.
Our job is to offer you the best chiropractic care possible, and it’s up to you to decide how much of it you want.

What We Do

The premise of chiropractic is that the body has an innate or inbuilt ability to fix itself if the proper environment is present. By ensuring that your nervous system, muscular system and skeletal systems are working to their optimum, your body is better prepared in its attempts to heal.

Family-Oriented Care

East Bentleigh Health Group is a family wellness center offering both relief and wellness care dependent upon your individual health concerns and goals. We are able to help with a variety of ages and conditions.

Anthony holds an additional certification in Applied Kinesiology. This method uses simple muscle testing to uncover the structural, chemical and mental problems that may be in your body. It can also direct us to the best options to restore your health.

You might be wondering if we can help you. Give us a call and we’ll chat about whether chiropractic might be for you. (03) 9579 3999

Serving Bentleigh East, Oakleigh South, Oakleigh, Clayton, & Hughesdale