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Nutrition Advice in Bentleigh

person looking at supplement bottleProper nutrition is imperative for optimal health and well-being, and at East Bentleigh Health Group, we strive to offer our patients the nutritional advice they need to augment their overall health. Using Applied Kinesiology muscle testing, we identify foods and supplements that your body needs more or less of and make recommendations accordingly.

Full-Service Care

Since chiropractic care is a natural form of healthcare, many of our patients are interested in other natural methods of improving their health. Addressing nutritional needs helps to ensure your body has the right kinds of nutrients in the proper quantity to support your overall health.

We take nutrition into consideration with all of our chiropractic patients, and will make personalised recommendations based on our findings through your assessment and Applied Kinesiology muscle testing. For patients who aren’t interested in making nutritional changes, we don’t pursue the issue. For those who want to explore the idea to improve their health, we will offer more in-depth advice and recommendations.

We have a range of products that we typically recommend, including Metagenics®, BioCeuticals® and Orthoplex, which are companies that conduct in-depth testing to ensure ingredient quality. There are other quality brands that we recommend for certain types of supplements.

The Effects of Modern Life

Many of the foods we eat don’t contain the same amount of vitamins and minerals they had decades ago, so for most people, some supplementation is necessary to ensure you’re getting all the nutrients you need. In Melbourne, we find that many of our patients are deficient in Magnesium and vitamin D, and these are important nutrients for musculoskeletal health.

Athletes may have different nutritional needs than non-athletes, and we work with patients after injury to help them understand those needs so they make sure their bodies get the fuel they need to recover from injury, help prevent future injuries and perform at their best.

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