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Podiatry in Bentleigh

person tying their shoesAt East Bentleigh Health Group, we are committed to offering you a full range of holistic healthcare services under one roof so it’s convenient for you to get all the care you need to feel and function your best.

Along with natural, evidence-based chiropractic care, we have a podiatrist onsite to address foot-related health concerns you may have.

What Is Podiatry?

Podiatry is a branch of medicine that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of disorders, injury or diseases in the foot, ankle and lower limb. These issues may include injuries, pain or balance problems, and they may be related to underlying health concerns such as diabetes.

Podiatrists can perform surgery, reset broken bones, order lab tests and prescribe medications. They often comanage care with other specialists when a problem like diabetes impacts your legs or feet.

Our Services

Our caring podiatrist offers a range of foot-related services, and she’s passionate about sharing her wealth of knowledge to educate our patients about the importance of foot health. Along with general foot care, she offers child foot assessments and biomechanical assessments of the foot for adults, helps develop custom orthotics, removes ingrown toenails and provides specialised diabetic foot care. She will also perform ultrasound of the tibial vessels to make sure diabetic patients are getting sufficient blood flow to the lower legs and feet.

We also have an on-site vascular sonographer, who can provide more detailed diagnostics for our patients with vascular issues of the lower legs and feet, whether those issues are related to diabetes or other underlying health issues.

Stand-Alone Care

Although some of our chiropractic patients also seek care from our on-site podiatrist, it is not necessary to be a chiropractic patient at East Bentleigh Health Group in order to experience the benefits of podiatry.

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