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Sports Chiropractic in Bentleigh

people working outAthletes of all ages and skill levels subject their bodies to greater physical demands that can lead to injury if their bodies aren’t performing at their highest levels. At East Bentleigh Health Group, our caring team wants to help you stay in the game and perform at your best—whether you’re a weekend warrior, a youth athlete or a professional footballer.

Injury Care

People with sports or gym injuries typically have two goals: to get out of pain, and to get back in the game. In the initial stage of care, we address specific injuries by restoring proper spinal alignment to allow the body to heal in the proper position. We also work with extremities, including joints of the shoulders, hips, knees and ankles to correct biomechanical issues in those areas.

Once you’re out of pain and the underlying problem is sorted, we will move on to the second goal—getting you back in the game and keeping you there!

Rehab Care

The second phase consists of providing specific stretching and strengthening exercises to help stabilise the injured area and strengthen it in order to prevent future injuries. We’ll teach you the stretches and exercises so you can continue working on them between your visits.

With extremity issues, we’ll check muscle strength and ranges of motion and address muscles that are weak by providing specific exercises to strengthen those areas as well.

Performance Enhancement

For athletes looking to improve their performance, we’ll help with postural correction to begin with, followed by sport-specific and motion-specific strengthening exercises to ensure that you won’t be over-stressing areas that perform repetitive motions. We’ll also help structure your training program to help minimise the risk of future injury.

The Importance of Nutrition

Everyone needs proper nutrition, and for athletes, this can be even more critical. We’ll look at your nutritional needs and make recommendations to help you get the amount and type of nutrients your body needs to perform its best. Contact us today to schedule.



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