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What to Expect – Your SECOND Visit

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On your second visit we report and explain what we found and how we may be able to help you.

On your second visit we report and explain what we found and how we may be able to help you.

Your Results Explained
In most cases, on your second visit Dr. Papaleo will review and discuss the results of your first examination. He will carefully explain any findings on x-rays and draw comparisons with healthy age-related x-rays. This is undertaken to ensure your full understanding of the significance of your individual clinical picture.

Dr Papaleo will explain any finding on your x-rays

Dr Papaleo will explain any finding on your x-rays

Your First Chiropractic Adjustment
Following the report of findings, Dr. Papaleo may believe that yours is a chiropractic case and you may receive your first chiropractic adjustment immediately. Over the next 1 to 3 days, Dr. Papaleo would expect to gain a good indication of your response to the adjustment and allow him the opportunity to monitor your response to care.

After your first adjustment, you may be given specific instructions on what you should do – or not do – in order to get the best results.

Also at this second visit, recommendations will be made for your future care based on several factors. These factors may include the severity of your condition/s, your age and your health goals. These factors, along with Dr. Papaleo’s clinical experience, will guide the future course of your chiropractic care.

Your Options for Care
Dr. Papaleo will then explain your options for care. The report of findings aims to enable you to make an informed decision about your health and the type and scope of care that you would like to receive.

Three Major Options

Intensive or Corrective Care
This type of care is designed to correct long term subluxations and may take between two and four months depending on the severity of your spine and general health. This type of care strengthens your spine and body allowing you to approach life with health and optimism.

Maintenance or Wellness Care
Similar to tuning your body as if it was a piano, this treatment preferably follows Intensive or Corrective Care. Wellness Care is designed to maintain the healthy structure of your spine and keep you generally feeling well, happy and able to adapt to your body’s demands and its changing surroundings. Maintenance care is best undertaken monthly.

Crisis or Symptom Based Care
Patients receiving this type of care usually see us when they become acutely aware of their problem – that is they are in pain. We provide symptom relief and despite the best advice, the patient generally forgoes Maintenance Care falsely feeling secure that their problem is resolved. Usually this patient returns when the acute and often debilitating symptoms reoccur. Without Maintenance Care, their body is susceptible to ‘break down’ more regularly and with greater debilitation.

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