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Healthy Habits

Use these 16 suggestions to not only help you get well, but stay well:

  1. Ask Questions – understand your health problem and get better results…
  2. Keep Your Appointments – each visit builds on the ones before…
  3. Get Moving – exercise as you are able; you’re designed to move…
  4. Therapeutic Massage – Massage and chiropractic work well together.
  5. Better Nutrition – You’ll heal better with the right raw materials.
  6. Drink More Water – You’re mostly water. Make sure you get enough.
  7. Restful Sleep – Get plenty of sleep so your body can make repairs.
  8. Less Coffee – Caffeine, like other drugs, affects your nervous system.
  9. Stop Smoking – The health risks are clear. It’s never too late to quit.
  10. Moderate Alcohol – Drink in moderation and enjoy the health benefits.
  11. Give Up Softdrink – It’s a common culprit linked to many health problems.
  12. Proper Weight – Slim down to the correct weight for your height.
  13. Limit Media Use – Television watching is unhealthy on many levels.
  14. Reduce Stress – Emotional stress underlies many health problems.
  15. Spiritual Health – True healing occurs by connecting to a higher power.
  16. Remain Hopeful – It takes time. We’re optimistic. You should be too.