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Wellness – Exercise

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There are many theories on what proper exercise should entail. Exercise and exercise regimes must be appropriate to the individual’s needs, goals and current health status. It is no use trying to run with an arthritic knee.

Choose an exercise that you will enjoy.

Choose an exercise that you will enjoy.

For many people, choosing to exercise is relatively easy. Choosing a type of sport is less so and thirdly ‘starting’ is the hardest. Walking, swimming, bike riding, gym, yoga, tai chi, running or aerobics, are multiple forms of exercise readily available. The secret is to choose something enjoyable and commit to it.

A consistent exercise routine is what really matters and, when added to the proper amount of sleep, positive mental attitude and a healthy diet, it provides the framework for a healthy and satisfying lifestyle.

Combine this with supportive chiropractic adjustments, becoming fit is a safe and positive experience.

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