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Wellness – Drugs

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We live in a culture of drugs.

We live in a culture of drugs.

Modern society is deluged with drugs – legal and illegal. They can look like lollies to young children, require tight supervision around them and can have unexpected side effects on both adults and children.

Drugs are an imprecise, whole-body ‘bomb’, most of which do one of two things:

Speed Things Up – One of the things drugs (legal or otherwise) can do, is to accelerate some bodily processes. Laxatives, amphetamines and anti-depressants fall into this category. How much of an increase in bodily function a drug will produce is merely an educated guess and often tailoring is required.
Slow Things Down – Some other drugs (over-the-counter or prescription) can depress bodily processes. Antihistamines, stomach antacids and blood pressure medications slow down bodily processes producing temporary relief while ignoring the underlying cause.

Underlying Causes
Chiropractors are not anti-drug. It is the underlying cause of why the body needs to be sped up or slowed down that concerns chiropractors. Instead of changing body chemistry, chiropractors look for disturbances to the nervous system. The nervous system controls EVERYTHING and that is why chiropractic can be so effective in the treatment of a variety of health problems without the use of drugs.

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